An Examination of Conscience

Communications • Fri, Mar 13 2015 at 10:30am

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As you prepare to go to confession, consider using this Examination of Conscience to guide your experience!

  • To what extent have I spent time in prayer and have I included God in my daily life?
  • Have I treated people, events, or things as more important that God?
  • Am I actively living my Catholic faith and, if I have them, raising my children in the faith?
  • Have I been ashamed to speak about my faith?
  • Have my words, actively or passively, put down God, the Church, or people?
  • Do I go to Mass every Sunday (or Saturday Vigil) and on Holy Days of Obligation?
  • Do I look for ways to spend time with family or in service on Sunday?
  • Do I use my gifts and talents to serve God?
  • Do I care for those around me or do I use them to get what I want?
  • Do I show respect to both those in positions of legitimate authority and those who are under my authority (including my children if I have them)?
  • Have I taken or wasted time or resources that belonged to another?
  • Am I lazy?
  • Have I harmed others through physical, verbal, or emotional means?
  • Do I look down on those who are different from me?
  • Have I gossiped, told lies, or embellished stories at the expense of another?
  • Have I respected the physical and sexual dignity of others and of myself?
  • Have I honored my spouse (if married) with my full affection and exclusive love?
  • Am I content with my own means and needs, or do I compare myself to others unnecessarily?
  • Do I seek to fill what is lacking in my life with material possessions?
  • Am I moving toward addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling or pornography?
  • Am I sincerely sorry for the things I have done wrong?