Respect Life: Human Cloning & Stem Cell Research

Communications • Wed, Oct 11 2017 at 10:02am
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Human Cloning/Stem Cell Research


From Donum Vitae (4):
“If the embryos are living, whether viable or not, they must be respected just like any other human person; experimentation on embryos which is not directly therapeutic is illicit. No objective, even though noble in itself, such as a foreseeable advantage to science, to other human beings or to society, can in any way justify experimentation on living human embryos or foetuses, whether viable or not, either inside or outside the mother's womb.”

Prayer for the respect of all life

Lord God, you alone have the power to instill the spark of life, yet, you have made humankind the stewards of creation. 
Help us to be faithful to this sacred trust so that we may protect and promote the dignity of every human life from the very moment of conception, particularly the tiniest humans in the embryonic stage of human development who are so often forgotten by society & used by modern science. May the these tiny humans be given the full respect due all human life. May those entrusted to care for them protect them fully from all experimentation and harm. And may these tiniest of us be afforded the opportunity to grow to the fullness in this life for which they are created. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


The monthly Respect Life Gathering with a focus on the Human Cloning/Stem Cell Research will be held on Thursday October 12 at 6:30pm at Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church, 501 Holy Trinity DR, Covington. Yvette Fouchi, St. Edward the Confessor Respect Life Coordinator, will present “Because We Can, Does It Mean We Should?” — a primer for stem cell research in light of human dignity.  Come join us… pray together ~ learn more about the issues ~ network!
Flyer is available here: 
A helpful Q&A on what exactly the Church teaches regarding Stem Cell Research can be found here.

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