Archbishop Aymond reacts to HHS mandate

SCM • Mon, Jan 23 2012 at 6:00am

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Archbishop Aymond is away in Rome for the Ad Limina visit but expressed his disappointment at the recent HHS mandate that does not allow for conscience protection for employers.

"It's very disappointing. As bishops, we believed that the president and the members of his staff would be more understanding, and at least study the matter. The fact that they're not even willing to study it is a grave disappointment to us. We really believe this is against the Constitution. A person has the right to conscience and to say he will or will not act in such a way when it comes to morality. The government is not supposed to be our moral teacher. We have continue to dialogue, but we have to proclaim very strongly that this country was founded on freedom – founded on peace, justice, liberty, freedom and freedom of conscience – and the government cannot tell us how we have to live our moral lives. Unfortunately, I think this will be a public challenge for all of us. As bishops, we can't stand back and let this go unnoticed. We're ready for a healthy discussion and a very enlightening argument about this."

- Archbisop Gregory Aymond, Archbishop of New Orleans