7 tips for happiness from St. Teresa of Avila

Catholic-Link • Mon, Oct 16 2017 at 10:19am

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"Nowadays everyone talks about happiness. If you have the latest model car, you’ll be happy. If you get that apartment at the beach, you’ll be happy. If you get that promotion at work, you’ll be happy. And just like that, many other situations. Do you really think things and success can make you happy?

Saint Teresa of Jesus went through a time of conversion even after consecrating her life to God as a Carmelite sister. Like many others, she also placed her hope on temporary things, without focusing on the eternal God she followed, but one day, years after entering the convent, Jesus touched her heart and she responded with generosity. Her life forever changed after that encounter. We can all allow God to encounter us and at that moment, your gaze will rest upon the things that really matter.  

The following is a prayer by Saint Teresa of Avila in which she summarizes her experience in seven tips to find true happiness and hold on to God – the most important thing in life."

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